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Pendedaran / Spawning Fish Gurame:

Pendedaran / Spawning Fish Gurame:
After the pool tarp selesi made ​​the next step is to fill the pond with fish guramih, but before the fish need to confirmed guramih entered first pool in pristine condition from disease and harmful substances. Sheeting contains chemical elements for coloring, it needs to be installed before the washed and cleaned. To kill pathogens pond filled with water that peluang usaha has been sprinkled with salt 2 ounces / m3. Be sure also to be cultivated fish guramih not contain germs. If there are diseased guramih first need to be quarantined before being put into the pool.

Ways Spreading Seeds / Seed Fish Gurame:
Before stocking of carp stocked seed needs to be adapted, to the end that no carp seed in stressful conditions while in the pool. Ways adaptation: carp seed is still wrapped in a sealed plastic inserted into the pool, let it condense plastic walls. It's a sign of water in the pond and the water temperature is the same plastic, after it opened the plastic and the water in the pond gradually enter into a plastic seed to seed looks in good condition. Furthermore stocked carp seed / released in the pond slowly.
Aquaculture way Gurame In Swimming sheeting and Concrete

The next process is to feed.
carp is a fish species of plant-eating (herbivorous) .Would but when the seed size carp bersipat carnivorous, and therefore the type of feed given at the time of seed size carp in the form of water fleas (Daphnia), silk worms. The nature of herbivores on which occurs when the carp carp have grown.

Staple food of carp in the form pellets which can be set nutrition, but in an area that is rather difficult to obtain pellets, leaves an excellent alternative for food guramih carp fish fed 2 times a day with pellets with 25% protein content up to 30%.
SARANG303 AGEN BOLA SBOBET IBCBET CASINO 338A TANGKAS TOGEL ONLINE INDONESIA TERPERCAYA Frequency of feeding is better in many frequencies but in small amounts-less than the frequency slightly but numerous. In addition to the fish food pellets can be added guramih leaves and vegetables. Leaves and vegetables are very beneficial to the health and growth of fish guramih.

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