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child can still grow worms and large at the bottom

child can still grow worms and large at the bottom , so that the worm does not accumulate on the surface edia alone, but can also live and thrive under dilapisan media .• Warm. One of the requirements is that the eggs can hatch earthworms temperatures including low level because animals do not have a backbone ( invertebrates ) . Including class Oligochaeta earthworms . Family most important of thisAgen Bola Indonesia class Megascilicidae and Lumbricidae earthworms animal is not foreign to our society, especially for rural communities. But this animal has a very impressive potential for human life and well-being .
Sentra largest worm farms available in Bandung , West Java in particular SUMEDANG and surrounding areas.
3 . TYPE
The type most widely developed by man from the family of the genus Megascolicidae and Lumbricidae Lumbricus , Eiseinia , Pheretima , Perionyx , Diplocardi and Lidrillus . Several types of earthworms that now many diternakan among others : Pheretima , Periony and Lumbricus . The third type of worm is like organic material derived from animal manure and plant residues . Earthworm Lumbricus type has flat shape . Total segment owned approximately 90-195 and klitelum located in segments 27-32 . Usually this type are unable to compete with other types up his body smaller . But when bred large body could equal or exceed the other types. Earthworms of Pheretima segment reaches 95-150 segments. Klitelumnya located in segments 14-16 . His body is long and cylindrical shaped gilik purplish red . Including earthworms Pheretima among other types of red worms , worm and worm Koot necklace . Earthworms form of Perionyx gilik colored blue to red tanned with 75-165 segments and klitelumnya located in segments 13 and 17 . Worm is usually quite spoiled up in observance needed serious attention . Worm Lumbricus Rubellus of superiority more than the other two types above , for high productivity ( weight gain , egg production / sapling and worm container production " using the vermi " ) and not a lot of moving
In agriculture , worms destroy the organic matter improves
Agen Bola Tangkas soil aeration and structure . As a result the land becomes fertile and nutrient absorption by the crop to be good. The presence of earthworms will increase the population of beneficial microbes crops . The earthworms also be used as :

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