Saturday, May 24, 2014

Free fresh water / clean from material

Free fresh water / clean from material contamination and needs to be filtered / deposited before input into the rice field ponds ( avoiding the inclusion bodies of competitors and predators ) .2 . Freshwater from rivers and underground water ( drilling ) that is free of pollution .c .
Jadwal BolaFacilities , Equipment and Machinery
1 .Availability of paddy pond maintenance and breadth of customized forms , reserve pools of water , wastewater and doors that separate and adequate income , water quality testing equipment , feed storage sheds , netting and others.2 . Energy source for the propulsion of water such as water pumps , water wheel and other supporting equipment ( if necessary appropriate stocking density ) .3 . Capacity power source should be adjusted to the level of need .d .
Basic pool size and rice
1 .Pool size standard widely adapted rice + 500-1000 m2 per plot for easy harvesting , maintenance , replacement of water and pengawasanya .2 . Basis pool / good paddy land consists of a combination of mud and sand .3 . Prawns has a productive area of ​​the embankment section near the edge of the pool , so the longer form of the pool , the more productive the area .9 . SYSTEM MAINTENANCE
a.Preparation Phase
1 .Embankment repair , manufacture and repair kemalir slope of pond water inlet entrance door towards the drain , filter installation at the entrance to prevent
Judi Bola Onlinethe entry of dirt or animal predators .2 . Drying and tillage is highly recommended . When having difficulty in drying , giving lime to improve soil structure needs to be done ( dose adjusted to soil pH and soil type

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