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Terms of seeds / Seeds: As used seed kernels

    Terms of seeds / Seeds: As used seed kernels, although papaya tree can in grafting. To get a good fellow seeds & seedlings will be done through a threshing pure self-made walking marriage. How to make marriage available 2, namely:
The flowers of the female plants take lord, wrapped with plastic paper for 2 days, before the female flowers open. At the time the flowers do open-pollination with combinations of male flowers antecedent-kepyokan kepyok on female flowers. Wedding done up to 3 times agen poker online texas poker yang terpercaya        Search for flowering & fruiting papaya YG continuously elongata largest corporations choose flowers bloom & YG almost located at the tip of the flower stalk is then wrapped with a pouch that does not diserbuki naturally by other flowers for 10 days. I use the seeds as a seed taken from the fruits of what has been done right & native tree selection. The choice of the two sides to take the seeds. Freestone removed then cleaned up the skin surrounding YG wasted and dried beans yg shady place. Fresh freestone used as seed. Seedlings should not be taken from me-downs too ripe fruit / old & not-me-downs from older trees.
Completion of Seed: Seed Needs perhektar 60 grams (.... 2000 crop). Seeds soaked viewed Benomyl & thiram fungicide solution (Benlate T) 0.5 grams / liter then sown viewed polybag measures 20 x 15 cm. Media I use a mixture of two antecedent soil sieve bucket plus one bucket of manure-me-downs mature & sifted plus 50 grams plus 29 grams of mashed TSP curater / petrofar. Seeds dried-me-downs, if to be grown should be tested first. Here's how the seeds, used as a seed suspended.
Seed sowing technique: Seeds inserted at a depth of 1 cm and then cover with soil. Watered daily. Seeds germinate appear after 12-15 days. At a height of 15-20 cm or 45-60 days for completion seeds planted. The seeds can be directly planted / sown earlier. Seeding is done 2 or 3 months before the seeds are transferred kekebun seedbed.
Conservation Breeding / sowing: The seeds sown seedbed viewed in run (row) at a distance of 5-10 cm. Seeds can not be embedded deep, deep enough seed, which is 1 cm. By keeping good fellow, the seeds will grow after 3 weeks of planting.
Transfer seeds: The seed-me-downs adults, siktar 2-3 months of age can be transferred at the beginning of the rainy season.
6.2. Media Processing Plant Papaya 1) Preparation Land cleared of grass, bushes & other impurities, then hoed / hacked & are reflected. 2) Formation of Embankment Embankment design width of 200-250 cm, 20-30 cm tall, long enough, Embankment spacing of 60 cm. Make a hole size of 50 x 50 x 40 cm above the Embankment, with a spacing of 2 x 2.5 m. 3) Liming When the frontage will be planted papaya acid (pH less than 5), having given YG mature manure, should be added ± 1 kg dolomite and let 1-2 weeks. 4) Fostering

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Prior to the fertilizer, soil-be planted should be dried papaya a week, after the close of the soil mix 3 tin manure what has been done.

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