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Terms Growing

Terms Growing Longan is more suitable to be planted in the lowlands between 200-600 m above sea level the climate type with a wet dry season of not more than four months. Groundwater between 50-200 cm. Rainfall of 1500-3000 mm per year with a 9-12 month 2-4 months wetSinggasana Hotels & Resorts pilihan akomodasi terbaik di Indonesia and dry. While plants led more than happy to plateau between 900-l.000 m above sea level.
Cultivation Guidelines Plant propagation by grafting and grafting done. Propagation by seed is not recommended as a long fruiting age (over seven years). In addition, seedlings from seeds often grow into longan males who are unable to bear fruit. Grafting seedlings / grafts begin to bear fruit at the age of four years. Litchi cultivation planted at a spacing of 8 mx 10 m or 10 mx 10 m in the planting hole measuring 60 cm x 60 cm x 50 cm. Each hole has given a matured manure as much as 20 kg. Artificial fertilizers are given as much as l00-300 g of urea, TSP 300-800 g (400-1000 kg SP-36), and l00-300 g KCl for each plant. Fertilizer was given three times in the intervening three months. After harvesting the fruit, fertilizer just once as many as 300 g of urea, TSP 800 g, and 300 g of KCl per tree. Pingpong longan cultivation increasingly attractive. In addition to growing in the lowlands, cultivated plant is also relatively easy. In addition to the sun, longan growth affected soil fertility, rainfall, and cropping patterns. If cared for properly, secured more fruitful.
Pingpong longan from Vietnam are brought into Indonesia since a few years ago. Unlike the local longan, longan pingpong grow and bear fruit in
SUNDULBET AGEN BOLA SBOBET IBCBET CASINO 338A TANGKAS TOGEL ONLINE INDONESIA TERPERCAYA   the lowlands. Cultivate these plants are also relatively easy.
Sudarwito, Sogol Agro Nursery owner says, there are some things that must be considered in developing these fruit crops. According to the man who was familiarly called this totok, longan pingpong can be planted in wet climates, rather wet and temperate, with rainfall between 1,500 millimeters (mm) -3000 mm per year.
The best location for the longan cultivation was 300 meters above sea level (asl). "It could have been on top of it, but the results are not optimal and small fruit," said Totok.
Pingpong longan tree can be cultivated through grafting aka mating system or through seed. Tree derived from grafting is more popular because more quickly produce fruit. Less than a year since grown already begun to bear fruit.
Much faster than the non-grafted longan pingpong new fruit after the age of 1.5 years. Full-blooded said, before planting seeds, farmers must prepare a planting hole that is left for one week.
For large seed size of the hole is 0.75 meters (m) x 0.75 mx 0.75 m. As for the small seed size of 0.5 mx 0.5 mx 0.5 m. Distance between plants ideally about 5 to 6 meters.
Media is a plant and soil with man Agen Bola Tangkas Online Terpercaya dan Terbaik 2014ure 1:2 composition. Planting media was allowed to stand in the pit during the seven days before the seed is planted.
Mandy Wijayahadi, owner Leira Fruit in Yogyakarta added, as tropical fruit, longan pingpong will get better if exposed to the scorching sun.

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