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Terms of seeds / Seeds: As used seed kernels

    Terms of seeds / Seeds: As used seed kernels, although papaya tree can in grafting. To get a good fellow seeds & seedlings will be done through a threshing pure self-made walking marriage. How to make marriage available 2, namely:
The flowers of the female plants take lord, wrapped with plastic paper for 2 days, before the female flowers open. At the time the flowers do open-pollination with combinations of male flowers antecedent-kepyokan kepyok on female flowers. Wedding done up to 3 times agen poker online texas poker yang terpercaya        Search for flowering & fruiting papaya YG continuously elongata largest corporations choose flowers bloom & YG almost located at the tip of the flower stalk is then wrapped with a pouch that does not diserbuki naturally by other flowers for 10 days. I use the seeds as a seed taken from the fruits of what has been done right & native tree selection. The choice of the two sides to take the seeds. Freestone removed then cleaned up the skin surrounding YG wasted and dried beans yg shady place. Fresh freestone used as seed. Seedlings should not be taken from me-downs too ripe fruit / old & not-me-downs from older trees.
Completion of Seed: Seed Needs perhektar 60 grams (.... 2000 crop). Seeds soaked viewed Benomyl & thiram fungicide solution (Benlate T) 0.5 grams / liter then sown viewed polybag measures 20 x 15 cm. Media I use a mixture of two antecedent soil sieve bucket plus one bucket of manure-me-downs mature & sifted plus 50 grams plus 29 grams of mashed TSP curater / petrofar. Seeds dried-me-downs, if to be grown should be tested first. Here's how the seeds, used as a seed suspended.
Seed sowing technique: Seeds inserted at a depth of 1 cm and then cover with soil. Watered daily. Seeds germinate appear after 12-15 days. At a height of 15-20 cm or 45-60 days for completion seeds planted. The seeds can be directly planted / sown earlier. Seeding is done 2 or 3 months before the seeds are transferred kekebun seedbed.
Conservation Breeding / sowing: The seeds sown seedbed viewed in run (row) at a distance of 5-10 cm. Seeds can not be embedded deep, deep enough seed, which is 1 cm. By keeping good fellow, the seeds will grow after 3 weeks of planting.
Transfer seeds: The seed-me-downs adults, siktar 2-3 months of age can be transferred at the beginning of the rainy season.
6.2. Media Processing Plant Papaya 1) Preparation Land cleared of grass, bushes & other impurities, then hoed / hacked & are reflected. 2) Formation of Embankment Embankment design width of 200-250 cm, 20-30 cm tall, long enough, Embankment spacing of 60 cm. Make a hole size of 50 x 50 x 40 cm above the Embankment, with a spacing of 2 x 2.5 m. 3) Liming When the frontage will be planted papaya acid (pH less than 5), having given YG mature manure, should be added ± 1 kg dolomite and let 1-2 weeks. 4) Fostering

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Prior to the fertilizer, soil-be planted should be dried papaya a week, after the close of the soil mix 3 tin manure what has been done.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Free fresh water / clean from material

Free fresh water / clean from material contamination and needs to be filtered / deposited before input into the rice field ponds ( avoiding the inclusion bodies of competitors and predators ) .2 . Freshwater from rivers and underground water ( drilling ) that is free of pollution .c .
Jadwal BolaFacilities , Equipment and Machinery
1 .Availability of paddy pond maintenance and breadth of customized forms , reserve pools of water , wastewater and doors that separate and adequate income , water quality testing equipment , feed storage sheds , netting and others.2 . Energy source for the propulsion of water such as water pumps , water wheel and other supporting equipment ( if necessary appropriate stocking density ) .3 . Capacity power source should be adjusted to the level of need .d .
Basic pool size and rice
1 .Pool size standard widely adapted rice + 500-1000 m2 per plot for easy harvesting , maintenance , replacement of water and pengawasanya .2 . Basis pool / good paddy land consists of a combination of mud and sand .3 . Prawns has a productive area of ​​the embankment section near the edge of the pool , so the longer form of the pool , the more productive the area .9 . SYSTEM MAINTENANCE
a.Preparation Phase
1 .Embankment repair , manufacture and repair kemalir slope of pond water inlet entrance door towards the drain , filter installation at the entrance to prevent
Judi Bola Onlinethe entry of dirt or animal predators .2 . Drying and tillage is highly recommended . When having difficulty in drying , giving lime to improve soil structure needs to be done ( dose adjusted to soil pH and soil type

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Prevention of this pest is to apply a good tillage

Prevention of this pest is to apply a good tillage . Tillage will reduce the caterpillar population next cob . The main enemy of this pest is Trichogramma spp . which is a parasite eggs and larvae of parasites argentiopilosa Eriborus young .
Wisata Pulau Pari    Fleas leaves ( R. maidis ) , it issued a pest of honey dew on the leaves which turn into black soot . The stains will hamper the leaves carry out photosynthesis . Natural enemies of these pests is Lysiphlebus mirzai , Coccinella sp . and Micraspis sp . Technical culture that can be done to avoid these pests by crop polyculture menumpangsarikan sweet corn or other crops .
Grasshopper ( Oxya spp . ) , These pests are more abundant in lowland grassland or paddies . Several natural enemies of grasshoppers is Systoechus sp . , Birds and spiders . Additionally Metarhizium anisopliae pathogens such an enemy locust . Metarhizium anisopliae is a biopesticide substance that is capable of controlling locusts 70-90 % .
Rat ( Rattus argentiventer ) , this pest usually attacks sweet corn plants grown in paddy fields . Rats eat the young cob being cooked milk , usually rats eating tuna from the tip to the middle of the base . Organic pest control mice is to hunt down and eradicate rats from the nest .
Besides pests , cultivation of sweet corn can not be separated from disease caused by bacteria , viruses or fungi . Here are some diseases that often attack crops , especially sweet corn grown in the tropics :

Caucasians ( Peronosclespora maydis ) , Caucasians symptoms are leaf surfaces with white stripes to yellow followed by a brown color . Then attack damage cob . This disease can strike throughout the growing season , but the largest cases attacking cultivation of sweet corn planted outside the season or late planting . This disease attacks causing great damage , can cause loss to 100 % . Caucasians disease can be avoided by the selection of seed varieties that are resistant P. maydis , destroy infected plants , planting with the seasons , and crop rotation .

Pulau Tidung    Rust ( Puccinia sorghi ) , symptoms are patches of brown to orange blotches on the upper leaf surface . This disease usually attacks the corn grown in the tropics to temperate. The disease is growing well at a temperature of 16 - 23oC with high humidity . Can be controlled by the selection of seed varieties , maintaining field sanitation and application of biopesticides if ulcers appear on the leaf surface .

Sunday, May 4, 2014

child can still grow worms and large at the bottom

child can still grow worms and large at the bottom , so that the worm does not accumulate on the surface edia alone, but can also live and thrive under dilapisan media .• Warm. One of the requirements is that the eggs can hatch earthworms temperatures including low level because animals do not have a backbone ( invertebrates ) . Including class Oligochaeta earthworms . Family most important of thisAgen Bola Indonesia class Megascilicidae and Lumbricidae earthworms animal is not foreign to our society, especially for rural communities. But this animal has a very impressive potential for human life and well-being .
Sentra largest worm farms available in Bandung , West Java in particular SUMEDANG and surrounding areas.
3 . TYPE
The type most widely developed by man from the family of the genus Megascolicidae and Lumbricidae Lumbricus , Eiseinia , Pheretima , Perionyx , Diplocardi and Lidrillus . Several types of earthworms that now many diternakan among others : Pheretima , Periony and Lumbricus . The third type of worm is like organic material derived from animal manure and plant residues . Earthworm Lumbricus type has flat shape . Total segment owned approximately 90-195 and klitelum located in segments 27-32 . Usually this type are unable to compete with other types up his body smaller . But when bred large body could equal or exceed the other types. Earthworms of Pheretima segment reaches 95-150 segments. Klitelumnya located in segments 14-16 . His body is long and cylindrical shaped gilik purplish red . Including earthworms Pheretima among other types of red worms , worm and worm Koot necklace . Earthworms form of Perionyx gilik colored blue to red tanned with 75-165 segments and klitelumnya located in segments 13 and 17 . Worm is usually quite spoiled up in observance needed serious attention . Worm Lumbricus Rubellus of superiority more than the other two types above , for high productivity ( weight gain , egg production / sapling and worm container production " using the vermi " ) and not a lot of moving
In agriculture , worms destroy the organic matter improves
Agen Bola Tangkas soil aeration and structure . As a result the land becomes fertile and nutrient absorption by the crop to be good. The presence of earthworms will increase the population of beneficial microbes crops . The earthworms also be used as :