Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Separate parent - parent neon tetra .

Separate parent - parent neon tetra .
Rainwater is collected and allowed to stand until + 2 weeks .
The place that used to spawn, the fish is cleaned and washed first with alum .
Enter the rain water into the spawning pla
Used as drops of water soaking the wood with acid .
Silenced 2 ~ 3 days .
Enter the plants or leaves to lay eggs the neon tetra .
Enter tetra parent who has been separated first.
Cover the hole where the light and give a little in order to be able to see the movements of the fish .
If you see a male and female romp with each other , then 3 days later + 've seen the eggs are attached to the leaves or roots that have been provided .
Move parent and covered with black cloth until no incoming light .
During the 3 days + neon tetra eggs hatch .
The fry can be fed infusoria that spoilage bacteria on the leaves of cabbage / cabbage canker drop by drop .
+ After 2-3 weeks the cover may be opened again .
Then the children will look tetra fish .
In hot areas , such as Jakarta 's Tetra breed should be done in the bathroom that weather was damp and cold .Incoming search terms / Your Search Results :

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