Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Likewise panoramic volcano that blend with the waves

Likewise panoramic volcano that blend with the waves and the beach pristine, as if completing pleasure exploring this area of ​​eastern Flores. "This is the potential of agro-tourism should be developed by government and society. For a number of people, nature-based tourism and agriculture was very interested, "said Sony Tumbelaka, photographers French news agency AFP, which participated in the group Swisscontact the media trip.The culture of embryos aGudang SEO nd ovules isolated from the seeds of higher plants in a particular medium is defined as embryo culture. Through embryo culture, either directly from plants growing embryo or callus formation is stimulated first and then shoots and roots occurred (Organogenesis not directly), so many plants derived from a single embryo.Embryo culture are used for various purposes. It includes a basic study of embryology, seed dormancy, seed vitality testing, production of rare species, rescue aborted embryos in the mother plant in interspecific and intergeneric hybridization (a large number of hybrids have been obtained so) and the production of haploid plants. After the production of haploid plants using embryo culture for the first time in barley, studies the increase in production of haploids other digraminae through this technique (bulbosum technique).Studying the effects of different media and sterilization methods on embryo culture and no significant difference was found among the studied media. The media have been listed best to worst as follows: RC, MS, 1/2 MS and B5, based on the regeneration of plantlets from embryos. Randolph and Cox medium was found to be the best medium and we recommend this embryo culture media for research because it is simple and can beprepared with ease. Among the methods of sterilization, sterilizationMabeos with sodium hypochlorite followed by antibiotic treatment (sterilization method II) and sterilization with HgCl2 (sterilization method III) were found to be more effective. However, in both plantlets (RC and MS) media development of the embryo is determined sterilized with HgCl2 lower than the development of plantlets from embryos sterilized by other methods (method II).Maintenance eggsTake the eggs twice a day, especially during the rainy season. Always be careful in reducing the egg. Cleaning your deemed necessary. The best temperature at the place where the egg is 7 to 13 ° C with a relative humidity of 70% smallest. When eggs are stored for more than two days, turn every day in order to increase the percentage penetasannya. If the egg is not good way of storage, the percentage of hatching eggs deposited decreased after 6-7 days. If it is stored right egg can last 10 to 14 days with the result that poverty is not reduced.
Incubation of eggsPeriod penginkubasian goose eggs are the most common among 29 to 30 days. Four to six eggs can be incubated in a chicken suit for females and 10 to 12 goose eggs on the suit. Turn the eggs three or five times a day when the incubator was not working alone. Fig
Bunda SEOures must be an odd number of eggs reversal to prevent the location of the eggs are in the same position every night.

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